Shoot event: Côte d'Opale, North France.


Currenly, the global corona epidemic is not over yet, so I will keep being careful, not handshake, kiss or hug and will not have physical contact with anyone on and off set to keep myself and especially you safe. 

I am happy to announce a shoot event at the beautiful natural area of the Côte d'Opale in North France. This area around Boulogne-sur-mer is at a distance of only 2h drive of Gent, Belgium or one hour and 45 minutes from Kortrijk, Belgium. 

From Bray-Dunes in Nord to Berck-sur-Mer in Pas-de-Calais, the Opal Coast offers a landscape of superb sandy beaches, dunes, cliffs, unspoilt coasts, charming villages and seaside resorts. 120 kilometres of coastline that's ideal for relaxation, a change of scene, sports on land and water, and walking.A protected natural area, the Great Site of the Two Capes (Grand Site des Deux Caps) is another must-see on the Opal Coast. It encompasses Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez, majestic cliffs jutting out into the sea. Roam along one of the site's hiking paths and enjoy stunning views of the coast.Other beautiful preserved natural sites will also delight nature lovers, like the Bay of Authie, where seals like to bask, and dunes offering superb views. (source:

(...)As a result, Calais and its surrounding areas was one of the key sectors of the Atlantic Wall, the system of coastal fortifications which extended from Norway to the French/Spanish border. If you travel through the area (and venture more deeply into it), you can still find the remains of a large number of concrete constructions of all sizes: observation posts, anti-aircraft and anti-tank defences, coastal batteries etc. Many different type of fortifications, of varying sizes, are still scattered around the region, some in good condition and others damaged or displaced by the movement of the dunes. (source:


What do I offer?
I am offering you the opportunity to shoot in this beautiful area with an experienced model. I have scouted the area briefly and there are magnificent shoot locations to be found whether you like the sea, sand, dunes, cliffs, forests, grasslands, seaside villages or concrete structures. The possibilities are endless!

I will be staying in the area from
August 28 to September 1 (can be prolonged if there is interest).
Due to the covid-19 virus, I will offer 1 on 1 shoots only, no group shoots at this time to ensure safety. 
I will be staying at a nice appartment that we can use as an indoors location in case the weather gods are not with us, or we can shoot both outdoors and indoors.
Basic non-alcoholic drinks, tea and coffee and small snacks will be provided at the appartment.
I am providing -as always- my own basic make-up, styling (fashion, lingerie, bikini / swimwear, fashion latex, shoes and more) and I am willing to sign a contract or model release IF I get it sent to me via e-mail before the shoot. 

I am offering mini shoots of 2h at €160, half day shoots of 4h at €300 and full day shoots of 8h at €600. Multiple days are also possible. Please keep in mind that shoot time includes getting from one location to the other, so I recommend limiting the amount of locations to two for mini shoots. 
My standard shoot ethics apply, I invite you to carefully read them here before booking.

What is not included?
I am NOT including:
- transportation, please provide your own car, rent a car or we can walk or use public transport.
- accomodation, I am staying at my own place but can help you finding a suitable hotel or Airbnb for yourself if necessary.
- meals are not included

Bookings via e-mail only.
Purpleport link to be found here

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