Covid 19 info


We live in unprecedented and uncertain times.

I take all covid-19 measures seriously, I live in a (light) lockdown at my home and do not see anyone that I do not need to see. I do not attend social gatherings. 

When I go out, I wear my face mask whenever needed (in the supermarket, on public transport and in crowded places). I avoid crowded places whenever possible. 

When I travel for shoots, I have myself tested before travelling and I take the local measures, rules and requirements of my destination seriously, I comply with all safety and health measures on and off set. 

I will keep following the above measures as long as necessary. I understand that booking a model is still a risk for some people, that's why I also offer REMOTE photoshoots. Read all information about those here

If your specific project or photoshoot requires me to have myself tested before we start, I am happy to do so. 

Stay healthy and stay safe!