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This page contains my personal work ethics and terms & conditions. Please read through them carefully before booking me, if you have additional questions you can contact me via e-mail.

- If you work with a contract, please send it to me BEFORE the shoot day via e-mail so that I can read or approve. I will not sign contracts that I have not had the time to read or contracts that are offered on the spot.

- Our shoot time starts on the moment that I arrive at the location. Make-up time (max 15-20min), clothing change breaks and general breaks to rest, eat or drink as well as transportation time from one to another location are included in the shoot time. A (short) lunch break is included in shoot time on bookings of 6h or more

Please kindly inform me if there will be food and drinks provided on set or not, especially for longer shoots so that I can bring something myself if not provided.
- I do not shoot with fur, drugs and alcoholic substances and (fake or real) weapons or guns.
- I do not shoot poses that are of a sexual (pornographic, erotic) or sexually submissive, tacky or lewd nature (such at pulling panties down, etc). I do not shoot open legs, met art, pornography etc.
I reserve the right to refuse to execute poses that I find inappropriate or do not comply with my personal limits and terms.
- Cultural appropriation: I am willing to and interested in shooting cultural or ethnic outfits, but please send me an explanation on your concept, idea and (preferably images of the) outfit that you would like to portray during pre shoot communication so I can approve or disapprove. I will not shoot concepts that I determine offensive, racist or xenophobic.

- Sadly it is necessary to mention that under no circumstances whatsoever the photographer or anyone on set is/are allowed to touch me. An arm's lenght distance is a minimum to ensure my well being and personal space.
If anything on my body, hair or in my clothing or related to my pose needs to be adjusted or changed, please specify verbally or demonstrate on your own body what needs to be done. 
- I only shoot in environments that I find safe and appropriate. If you would like to shoot outdoors, in a public place, at extreme (hot or cold) temperatures, in water, with bodypaint, dirt, etc, kindly inform me during pre shoot communication, so that I can prepare. 
Please mind that if we are shooting in cold to extremely cold temperatures, I will need time to warm up in a warm space (for example heated car) and will require breaks to do so. Hot beverages, blankets, heat pads etc are appreciated and will make me more comfortable which will automatically result in better photos. 
Please be aware that I may refuse entering a location that is unsafe or unhealthy to me personally and that I may terminate shooting when I feel and determine my health and wellbeing at risk.
The ground rule here is: when in doubt: ask. Inform me about the location in pre shooting communication.
- If I am required to get my hair wet or dirty or to use hair gel or a product that will need to be washed out, kindly inform me in pre shoot communication so that I can prepare (and prepare to wash it out in case I have another shoot afterwards).

- If you or an assistant/mua/stylist/member of the team or workshop participant disrespects my terms, I retain the right to end the shoot and be compensated fully. Fortunately it only very seldomly comes to this.

Local/Belgium: Cancellation: 50% of the total rate if cancelled 7 days before the shoot, 100% if cancelled 48h or less before the shoot. 
Abroad: 50% of the total rate if cancelled 3 weeks before the shoot, 100% if cancelled 7 days or less before the shoot. If I am travelling for this shoot exclusively + transportation costs. 

Booking a shoot with me equals agreeing to the cancellation policy and to my terms in general.

Booking info


My rates depend on the specifics project, duration of the shoot, type of release that is required and location. Please include as much of this info as possible when inquiring. My rates are conform to the standard rates for models of my experience level.
Travel costs are not included in my rates and will be charged seperately, I will inform you about this cost during pre shoot communciation.

Posting and publishing photos

I reserve the right to have a photo erased when published and exceeding my personal limits (especially the open legs/pornography rule), stated in my terms on the left side of this page. 
My legal name is never to be mentioned in connection to my work or photos. You can credit me as Sara or Sara Scarlet only.

Modelling with others

I am happy to duo shoot, group shoot or to pose with other models, but please inform me beforehand, inform me about who will be present and who the model(s) is/are, inform me of the concept and I will have to have agreed to the shoot in advance, before the shoot day.

Second shooters / workshops & events

I am happy to model for groups of photographers, workshops and events. The modelling fee will depend on the number of participants, location and duration of the shoot. Please provide me this info. 


I enjoy posing for artists of all kinds and am experienced with painters, artists, art academies etc.


Travel & accomodation

In case I will need to travel to reach our shoot or your location, I will ask to reimburse travel cost in advance. I take bank transfer or Paypal.
Travel and/or accomodation costs when travelling abroad are usually not included in my rate and will need to be discussed seperately during pre shoot communication.

Food and drinks

Snacks and drinks make me very happy as food is fuel and shooting requires a lot of energy!
I like: coffee, tea, still water, soft drinks without fizz (orange juice, iced tea), energy bars, dried fruits, chocolate, nuts, avocado, hummus, fresh fruits and vegetables, granola bars, potato or vegetable crisps, etc.
I seldomly say no to lunch or a hot meal, but kindly inform me before the shoot if this will be the case.

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