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Over the years, I have been working with numerous photographers, artists, MUA's, stylists and more who can happily provide references.

Here is a selection of clients that I have worked with (in alphabetical order):


Allan Amato (US)
Au Contraire Photography (DE)

Berlin Fashion Week (DE)
Bolongaro Trevor (UK)
Cadavre Exquis Couture (BE)
Cosh (BE)

Dana Mikelson (DE)

Dark Beauty Magazine
Dead Lotus Latex Couture (UK)
Elle Belgium
Elegant Curiosities Jewellery (NL)
Femme Rebelle Magazine

Gary Breckheimer (US)
Goliath Latex Fashion Photography
Gregor Laubsch (DE)
HW Design Latex (AT)
Humberto Pasart (MEX)
Inner Sanctum (DE)
Ida & Volta (BE)
Jeroen Van Der Klis - Bizarre Design (NL)

Joico Belgium
Kaat Stieber (NL)
Kim Weston (US)
Kurage Latex (JP)
Mackinder Hair (DK)
MAC Belgium
MUD Belgium
Mother Nature's Daughters  by Arthur Slik (NL)

Project Runway & Linda Friesen (NL)
Telektroscoop, movie director (BE)
The Graces by Thomas Holm (DK)

VOLO Magazine (US)
Wanimal (CN)
William De Ridder International
Xanthé Latex (NL)
ZIZO Magazine (BE)


More references are to be found on:

"Sara impressed me on my first shooting with her: not searching for a pose, but proposing 1, then 5, then 20, then... And able to roll the sequence back if you missed one... And with the second shooting it was like meeting someone you just left the day before. Her extremely professional behaviour will give any photographer the confidence needed for any shooting. She is great !" - Charles Lemaire

"Many years ago... I had a first shoot with Sara. I guess we both were somehow at the start of our journey as photographer/model. Never the less... one of the pictures we shot, made it to the cover page of a well known Belgian magazine for photographers!The cooperation worked flawlessly and later Sara helped me out as a model on my strobist workshops. Highly recommended! "
- Koen Hillewaert

"I've worked with Sara a few times and would highly recommend her as a model. She is extremely pleasant to work with; she's creative, patient and has a natural aptitude for posing. Most importantly she inspires me and we have fun together, which as a photographer I find very important in a model.
Our collaborations have produced some of my all-time favourite images."
- Nitrojane Photography

"Sara was a dream to work with: good communication in advance, prompt arrival with useful accessories. She approached the session with enthusiasm, got the concept and helped to develop the theme. At a personal level she is professional, engaged, warm and good company. Highly recommended."
- Rodvin Davis

"What a pleasure it is to work with Sara. She is a chameleon with different looks and a master in creative posing that takes a photo to the next level. Her communication before and after the shoot is wunderbar. The shoot really exceeded my expectations. I am very happy with the results we made. She is also fun to work with. I highly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future."
- Tim Tombeur

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